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About Sun*

Founded in 2012, Sun * is a Digital Creative Studio with more than 1300 people in 6 cities in 4 countries. Our main businesses are Start Up Studio that creates new services, Software Development that commits to business growth, Digital Transformation that utilizes the latest technologies, and the Development of Professional IT Engineers who can create new values.

  • Our Vision: Create a world where everyone has the freedom to make awesome things that matter.
  • Our Mission: Create radical products and businesses with people who actually care about what they do.

About Sun* R&D Lab

Sun* R&D Lab is a part of the company's organizational structure. We are a creative and dynamic team with about 70 members spending fulltime on researching newest technologies and developing our own Products, which will make programmers life easier.

  • Our researches fields are very extensive, ranging from Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) to Blockchain, Cyber Security, Open Sources ...
  • We use our research achievements to make real-life products, and also help other Software Development Divisions in the company to apply the achievements into their projects.


  • AI Research
  • Blockchain Research
  • Cyber Security Research
  • Open Source Research
  • Product Development

AI Research:

  • Research about Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms.
  • Apply Machine Learning into projects of R&D Lab, as well as projects of company.
  • Apply Machine Learning, Deep Learning to improve classic work flow.
  • Write papers about our researches and participate in international conferences.

Blockchain Research:

  • Research about Blockchain Technologies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Loom Network ...
  • Develop our company own Blockchain services.
  • Support other Blockchain related projects.

Cyber Security Research:

  • Research about Security Vulnerability.
  • Penetration Testing Web & Apps.
  • Develop tools help improve projects security checking process.

Open Source Research:

  • Research about Open Source projects, Open Source technologies.
  • Contribute to Open Source Projects.
  • Develop and Publish our own Open Source Projects.

Product Development:

  • Develop our own Products, which are by-programmers, and for-programmers.

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